Mummy Slot Machine Game

What really makes Playtech's Mummy slot machine game stand out from the crowd are the game's many special features. The game has a wide arrangement of bonus rounds, special wild symbols that trigger scatter games, and more. With so many ways to shake up the regular slot game, players are sure to be entertained for hours to come.

Expanding Wilds and Scatters

The easiest features for players to get in the Mummy slot machine game are the wilds and the scatters. In slots, a wild symbol can be established in two ways. Either the symbol is permanently wild and is established before the game starts, or the symbol becomes wild if certain conditions are met. In the Mummy slots game, a wild can expand across multiple symbols and increase the winnings exponentially. Scatters are another form of wild, allowing players to earn points, even if multiple wilds appear in opposite paylines.

Bonus Games

The Mummy Slot Machine Game also has a great bonus game hidden inside. If players fulfill certain random conditions in the main slot game, they will be treated to a special clip from the Mummy movie or its sequel. After that, they will be transported to a hidden chamber in the Lost City. There, they can open up crates, uncovering hidden cash prizes until they uncover the Collect option. At that point the bonus game is ended, and the regular slot game resumes.

There's even a mega jackpot for the luckiest players. If players match 5 Brendan Fraser symbols across the 5 reels on the Mummy slot machine game, they can win a 10,000 coin jackpot.