Playing Slots - Online SlotLand Games

Classic Slots
Classic slots are still among some of the most popular games in any online casino today, and this is because they are simple to play. With these types of slot machines, players are required to line up symbols across three or five 'reels', or columns. Paylines will vary from three to as many as 100 with these games, and before players push the 'spin' button, they will be required to choose the amount of their bet and how many paylines they wish to bet upon. Once this is finished, the player clicks 'spin' and is paid out according to the symbols matched across the selected paylines.
Progressive Jackpot Slots
Progressive jackpot slots can come in many different variations, but are most commonly found in the three- and five-reel varieties. Aside from simply winning payouts based upon the chosen bet and number of paylines selected, players are also given the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot, which is essentially a jackpot that builds as players across a network continue to place bets. Most of these jackpots are triggered randomly, meaning that players are not required to fulfill any special requirements in order to win. Others, however, require that players trigger a special side game and win before the opportunity to win the jackpot arises. These are found in almost every game on Online SlotLand.

3D Slots and iSlots
3D slots and Rival Gaming's exclusive iSlots offerings bring even more slots excitement to casino goers with their interactive and graphics-intensive features. Instead of simply waiting for symbols to line up across a series of reels, players actually find themselves submerged in role-play fantasy of sorts. Characters and storylines unfurl as the player progresses further into the game, and should the player leave the game, they can come back to it later and finish out the story. These games are packed with lots of prizes, animations and side games to keep gamblers in Online SlotLand interested for hours on end.